:: This Week ::

:: I have a full week this week, but there are many highlights! ::
:: Tomorrow morning I am starting my first batch of Butter Sauce for Cranberry Creek -- I have just under two weeks to get the sauce made, packaged and shipped off for the season (so there is a little bit of a time crunch, but it will be great to get it done) :: :: I get to go for my massage that Paul bought me on Thursday night - I am truly delighted to indulge in this treat - Can't wait! ::
:: After my massage on Thursday night I am heading over to Lisa.B's place to watch Grey's with her, since we don't have cable I have to make a date to watch one of my little indulgences! ::

:: I will be back with a WHISTLER re-cap once I have un-packed all of our stuff :D ::


Keri's Collage... said...

Butter sauce? Tell me more!

Shawna said...

The butter sauce is for my Mom's company (cranberrycreek.com) - She makes Cranberry Christmas Puddings and sells them from our home and at 6 - 8 different trade shows from the end of October through to the begining of December.

She gives samples to everyone that comes to the booth and so butter sauce has to be made as it goes on every sample.

We were chatting about it today and she thinks that I will have to make just over 700 units for the shows, but it is like liquid gold and she needs it to sell the pudding.

Sorry about the long winded response Keri :)

Canadian Kristin said...

Keri, you haven't lived til you've had Shawna's butter sauce on her Mom's Christmas pudding!!!!!!!!!!

Nickie said...

So how much is 700 units??? How big is a unit?

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