:: Congratulations ::

:: Congratulations to my long time friend Laura and her beau Josh - He asked for her hand on Saturday after a beautiful horse back ride, this was all in celebration of their one year anniversary (smart man Josh, keep everything on the same date if you can!). They are planning a late January wedding. Blessings on your next few months of being engaged - We pray everything works out just perfectly for your special day! :: :: Here is the rock - Not too shabby eh?!??! Laura had this one picked out for years just waiting for that special someone, well done Josh and lucky you....You're that special someone! ::


Christy said...

What a beautiful ring and lucky girl......can't believe it's been almost two years since Trev and I got engaged! You heard from Jordan yet about the next few weekends?

Canadian Kristin said...

Okay.....he's a keeper!!! And the rock, too!

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