:: Just when I thought ::

:: Just when I thought everything was going to be settling down once we hit September -- I was wrong ::

:: Paul and I were just going over our schedule of events for the next few weeks, so in case I don't get on here to update the blog you will all understand :) ::

- September 21, our 5 year anniversary
- September 23, Emma's 1st Birthday
- September 29, Jaelyn's 1st Birthday
- September 30, my Parents 35th Anniversary
- September 30, Paul's Dad's 56th Birthday
- October 7 & 8, Thanksgiving with both sides of the family
:: Between all these things are meetings with our doula (birthing coach), bi-weekly doctors apt's, we also have to register at the hospital and I am also working at church on Wednesday's for our women's ministry....plus to make some extra money I am making the butter sauce for the samples at the trade shows my Mom attends through the Fall & Winter (this is completely by choice as it makes me some really good cash!) ::
:: All of these things are fun and make my life as a SAHM full of all the people I love, but sometimes it's just so much work coordinating and organizing all of the things that go into celebrating the life I lead...not that I'm complaining; I'm just writing it because I know you understand, or can sympathize with me :) ::
:: Thanks for listening, not like you had a choice because you were reading it ;P ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Ah yes, all summer we wait for the scheduled fall days to be upon us, then two days into the new season remember why we needed that summer break.....one day at a time, sista-friend, one day at a time!

Jennifer said...

You will look back at these times once you kids are in school, dance, hockey, swimming, gymnastics and so on, and long for the quiet times before the got to school aged!
Good Luck!!

Christy said...

Wow Girl.....your month sounds something like mine has been/will be! In times like that I also like to remind myself and God's burden is light easy and his load is light and that all things are possible with Him who gives us strength! We will be praying for adequate rest and quite times with our Father and that all will be smooth and manageable! Love ya

Nickie said...

Crazy! Good luck getting it all done - and try to enjoy it along the way :)

Amanda said...

Have fun attending all of your events! I look forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing about it all once you get back on here with time to blog away!

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