:: Yesterday ::

:: We've only been in our "new place" since June 1st and I'm mostly un-packed, at least the things that matter to the guys in my life, but all of my things, pictures, curtains, clothes, extra toiletries, decorative items have mostly been pushed to the side and left in neat little piles as a rainy day project (yeah right, with baby arriving in just over a month, sure!) ::
:: Anyway, yesterday I decided it was time to go through my closet, I'm getting to the point that I am frustrated with everything I put on and I can't find anything I want to wear or feel cute in. So I spent the better part of 4 hours cleaning, organizing and refining my closet or should I say ahem boxes of stuff! ::
:: Thanks to Lisa. B and her plethora of maternity clothes my closet is filled only with the few items that I can still wear pregnant and the rest are maternity, I know I'm a lucky girl...but if you can't find anything having a full closet means nothing! Plus I have resigned to the fact that Summer has truly gone and so must the halter tops and shorts! ::

:: Here is the Before (it looked worse than what the picture shows you!) ::

:: Here is the After ::

:: YaY for organization - in MY closet!!! ::

1 comment:

Christy said...

Well done Shawna......I totally get the same way and I get frustrated with stuffing things in places and it feels SO good after it's done! Good job!

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