:: Bon Voyage ::

:: Better late than never, right?!!? Anyway here are pictures from us dropping my parents & the "surprise" off at the cruise ship terminal @ Canada Place on Sunday ::
:: The "surprise" was my cousins Robert (crazy waving guy) and Kathy from Calgary along with Robert's Mom, Anna. Kathy is my Mom's oldest sister (Ruth's) daughter - they were a super fun surprise to keep hidden! I hadn't seen them in probably 12 years so when they saw me pull up in my mini van and ever-so-preggo body they were shocked, but as if we had just seen each other up walks Robert and rubs the belly and gives me a warm squeeze as did Kathy, so nice to have family that is just that, Family - take 'em or leave 'em they are family and it's great! ::
:: My Auntie Ruth is celebrating her 75th birthday so that is one of the reasons they are going on the cruise, and Robert & Kathy were a surprise to everyone except my Mom & Dad, Us and my Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Ken....I wish I could have been there when the surprise was reveled at dinner ~ what fun that would have been! We missed running into everyone at the dock by seconds, just as we arrived they were walking through the doors to the wicket! :::: Here is the bow of their boat, oh we so badly wanted to go with them once we saw the boat! :: :: Mom & Dad - this was the second picture I took because in the first one my Dad was standing like a policeman, feet together, straight ahead, hands at side, chest out, tummy in, Stern but still smiling, so I told him to not "stand like a cop" and snapped this great picture of them sans the cop face :) :::: Jacob waiting with Paul to see Grammie & Grampy off ::
:: Jacob and Paul going to get a better look at the fountain ::
:: Some of the family waving from the top deck - do you see Dad...oh poor Dad, he'll have fun though! Here is the family (left to right) Mom, Nanny, Auntie Terri, Auntie Marilyn, Uncle Ken & Dad :::: Jacob & Paul outside Canada Place :: :: Ze Boat ::
:: Jacob sucking on the guard rail....suck away J, build up the immune system! ::
:: Waving good-bye without Robert, Kathy & Anna - Uncle Lauch & Auntie Ruth are in this one too..He's the one taking a picture of me and she's between my Mom & Nanny...In this photo my Uncle Ken is yelling "Help" - no joke & it was really loud! They will have a great time together ::
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