:: Just an hour ::

:: I have just put our little {big} boy into his big boy bed for the first official time (we tried another time but my parents had just returned from a trip and he was too excited to go back into it and we were to tired to persevere) ::
:: Paul was out (sometimes things are more difficult when there are two people to suck up to) and so I decided since all of his stuff is in his "big boy room" that I would try him in it - it only took one hour to get him settled in...not too bad for the first time. I gave him his sippy cup and sat beside the bed, didn't touch him but every time he sat up I would say "good night Jacob, lye down, you're in your big boy bed, it's time to go to sleep" and he would do so. At the end of the hour he was still awake but I just left him, shut the door and listened to him whine/cry for a few moments. I came downstairs, turned on the monitor and all is quiet up in his room ::
:: Paul just returned home and opened the garage door that is so conveniently right below his room and he didn't stir, so looks like night no.1 of our little boy being an official BIG boy is here..we will have good snuggle and maybe shed a tear prior to going to bed as this is again another sign that our "baby" is growing out of being our "baby" - but I guess it's all in due time! ::
:: Good night baby boy - We love you! ::
:: Edited to add ::
:: We had a crying Jacob @ 2:00 am - I sent Paul to go get him thinking that it must be 6:30ish and he's starting to wake up. Paul brings him into bed and he's thrashing around, after about 10 minutes I ask Paul "what time is it?" he states "two o'clock" - I'm like "what!??!" okay Jacob back to bed. I make him walk to his big boy bedroom and get him to climb into bed, I lye him down do the whole good night routine and walk out, he cries so I go in 2 or 3 minutes later as he's trying to scale the guard rail. I tell him to lye down. I wait a few minutes (more like 10) and then say good night and walk out. I hear him sit up in bed (crazy pregnancy ears) and I holler from our bed "lye down Jacob, it's time to go to sleep" and what do you know - he does! He finally woke at 7:20 this morning and Paul had to go in and get him as we could see he was trying to scale the guard rail again! Not bad all since the little guy is only 15.5 months old! Now naps today will probably be a whole different story! Pray for us :D ::


Lisa B. said...

Good job mama! It's hard to see him growing up, but with babe #2 just about to make his or her arrival, the less "battles" you have to deal with post-baby, the better!

Keep up the great work!

Canadian Kristin said...

Way to persevere, Momma!!! Obviously you are parenting "right" that Mr. Jacob listens so well...good job!!! ....and here's hoping the next nights are just as good (minus the 2am!)!

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