:: Did I kill the QUEEN? ::

:: My handy hubby has been battling an army of sorts (in bee form) for the last few nights...he has used up 1.5 cans of spray foam insulation trying to get ahead of these pests, but now it seems we have just peeved them off that much more because now they are entering through the windows and doors trying to find a new entrance to their nest ::
:: This is one of the multiple bees I have killed today, however this one looks different to the rest, any of you out there who have battled this same army ~ Can you tell me...did I kill the queen, if so is this a good or a bad thing? :: :: This gives you a better idea of how big this one really is ::
:: Even though I gave him a really good smash between the window and my "Mommy Manual" (of which it does not tell you about anything to do with bees)...he was still moving around, so I have secured the little pest in a container for safe keeping - or until he's really dead! ::
:: UPDATE ::
:: Apparently I didn't kill the Queen (as per Paul) it appears that it is just a black wasp...Sounds killer doesn't it!?!?? Even though I gave hime a real good squish - he was still romping around in the container at 6:30 last night! Oh well, I'm sure he's dead this morning ::
:: Paul has now set out a few 2L pop bottle traps - Let's pray they work! ::


Jennifer said...

good luck! last year we had earwigs, this year, ants. Both times we had an exterminator come and spray outside the house so nothing could come in. It worked really well and lasted almost a year!

Jamie Delaine said...

SICK! I hate bees so much, they freak me out. Glad you killed him. I'm very proud. :)

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