:: Tonsillitis ::

:: Our little Jacob had a fever from Saturday evening through to Tuesday morning ranging from 95 - 105 and so we decided that since it wasn't going away completely and he just didn't seem like himself I would take him in to visit the doctor. So on Tuesday morning we headed into the office to visit Dr. Bert (not our regular pediatrician - but wonderful just the same). He checked his heart, breathing, ears and lastly his throat...before he was even able to get that wood thingy into his mouth he declared my little boy had tonsillitis!!! Yikes! Me feeling like the horrible under-protective parent asked if there would have been any other signs that we didn't notice, but he said no, there would have been no other signs other than the fever and his lack of appetite. So, there you have it...15 months old and he got his first round of antibiotics, not bad I guess - but he just seems so little still! ::

:: Here are some pictures I took just after I gave him his first dose, you can pratically see the drugs taking effect! ::

:: Here he is after a couple doses of the antibiotics - I told him to go look out the window and see if Daddy was home yet...Daddy arrived a few minutes after he turned the speaker over to ensure he had a good view of the driveway. ::


Christy said...

Can't believe how big that beautiful boy is! Can hardly believe he's walking. What cute pictures! How have you been feelin? It's getting close to #2
Love Love

Jennifer said...

my guys get infection all winter long. They are pretty much sick from fall to begining of summer. I guess that's a reason I love summer so much. Doesn't seem fair that little jacob has to be sick in this beautiful weather...

Laura said...

great posts Shawna - I always enjoy reading your blog and your attention to detail etc. reminds me so much of your mom! glad Jacob is feeling better and such a sweet hubby you have there!

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