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Be honest here ladies...what are your thoughts on this idea:

Paul (my lovely, super sweet and very talented husband) would like to put laminate wood flooring throughout our upstairs bedroom. But since it is not advised that we put laminate on stairs we will have to do carpet up through the hall and stairs.
He thinks this will be fine. I don't. I hate the look, feeling, sound of laminate floors in bedrooms let alone the fact that I will buy area rugs for all of the bedrooms and basically cover up the laminate flooring...So I am asking for your opinion - Carpet in the bedrooms or laminate???

We are on a budget and we know that we can get the laminate for about a $1.50 less than the carpet...but I still don't think that justifies putting laminate in the bedrooms.
This is what we currently have in the house:

Family Room: Nasty pink very sun damaged and worn carpet (must be replaced asap)

Living Room/Dining Room: Newish neutral Burber carpet

Bedrooms: Newish Burber matching Living/dining rooms

Master Bedrooom: Not-so-nice Laminate flooring

Hallway & Stairs: Nasty pink - must go carpet

Our plan has been to replace the family room carpet with new underlay and carpet. Then throughout the kitchen, Dining & living rooms put laminate floors.

Take the newish burber carpet ripped up from the living/dining room and pull out the pink must go carpet from the hallway and stairs and for the time being (until we have more money to put into the carpets) we have the carpet installers put our remnant burber carpet in the stairs and hall, then at least the hallway, stairs and "kids" bedrooms all match. This will have to do until we have excess cash hanging around to put into the upstairs flooring.

Paul thinks it will be too much hassle taking all of the bedroom furniture out in a year or so to replace all of the flooring and that if we have the laminate we can do one bedroom at a time. This is not my idea of a fun time!?!?!?
So what are your thoughts...what would you do? Any other opinions or options would help in this great debate!


Lisa B. said...

Ahhh the joys of homeownership and renovations!!! Figure out the cost of all your options right down to penny and that may make the decion for you.

But please, check off one vote for NO hardwood in the bedrooms. It has a cold feel to it and you just end up covering it with an area rug, so what's the point?

Candice said...

I agree with Lisa on the hardwood in the rooms. It is cold, and also as the kids get bigger and play up there, you will hear EVERYTHING!!

Also, I say tile in the kitchen. That's just my preference :)

Amanda said...

I have laminate on my main floor...here is what we have. Stairs: laminate
Living room, dining room, kitchen: laminate
Bedrooms: Carpet

Preference now: not really any different. The only thing is that if you have a transition from the kitchen to another room it is nice to keep the flow of the lamintate, but if not then do tile like Candice said because I find that you have to always make sure that you wipe up the water drips from the laminate. (We have the kind with the grooves). Also, I don't think I would like to have laminate in the bedroom....too cold onthe feet and I think it would make the room feel colder, temperature wise. Okay, that was a long one...sorry!

Jessi said...

Here's my one and only beef...DON'T GET DARK HARDWOOD, ANYWHERE!!! We made the mistake of doing this on our entire upper floor, and while it looks amazing when it's clean, it's impossible to keep up with. It show every dust bunny and greasy handprint from crawling monkey's. I vaccum, swiffer and mop everyday and still by Halle's bedtime at 8pm, it's dirty again! I agree with Amanda, you get really parinoid about water on the laminate too because it warps the floor. Ok, that's it, I promise!

Phil & Nickie said...

No laminate in the bedroom!!! Do carpet for sure. Think about stepping out of bed in the winter - you want warm, soft carpet, NOT laminate!!!

Candice said...

Saw Paul @ Home Depot today...let the reno ideas begin :)

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