:: Cold Turkey ::

:: Well, almost a week ago we went "cold turkey" on Jacob and his soothers - one morning he woke up and decided that he no longer wanted to give up his soother...so he remained in bed as he doesn't get his soother unless he is going to sleep. He didn't like that so Paul and I decided that it was probably time to take away the soothers all together. Jacob has never used his soother for any other time than nap and bedtime, however if this attitude continued we would be in big trouble as he was becoming more dependent on it. And I don't want to have to worry about having two different sizes of soothers in my purse once the second baby comes along, so the soothers disappeared ::

:: To date we have been successful in remaining soother free and he is now falling asleep at all naps and bedtimes with out the aid of the soother. It was a little rough for the first few days (a lot of crying) but once the third day came along he was fine. I knew if I made it to day three we would be successful - so on day two I just kept on saying to myself...I just have to make it to day three....one more day! He is so cute about falling asleep now, he will close his eyes really tight (almost like he's squinting) and he smacks his lips together and plays with his tongue and then yawns and that's it - he's out. It's a new routine for us but it seems to be working well and he is sleeping like a dream ::

:: Now I'm soother free for 4 months and then we will be back at the soother game with the next one - oh well, at least I get a bit of a break :) ::


Laura said...

good job jacob! I remember that same sort of routine with Sarah - day three's the charm for sure! Autumn who is now a year and a half is so attached to the soother that I'm dreading (and of course, procrastinating) taking it away - she climbs into her bed and gets it and then walks around the house with it - bad!!!

Shawna said...

It's probably much harder when you have other kids to tend to - that's why we wanted to stop the routine prior to baby no.2...next goes the bottle! I'll keep you updated as to how that goes!

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