:: Date Night ::

:: Paul and I went out on a date on Saturday night - We had a great time...it's been a long time since we have been out by ourselves and it felt SO good! ::
:: Here we are just before we left my parents place after we dropped Jacob off ::
:: Jacob & Grammie (& Tucker the dog in the background), just getting ready to wave bye-bye to us :: :: One more picture of us - you ca see more of the belly ::
:: My delish dinner - White Spots Chicken Mushroom burger - Yum Yum ::

:: Paul and his BC Burger - also very yummy but I'm not a Bacon 'n Cheese girl ::
:: After dinner we headed to Colossus (just across the street from the Spot) in Langley to watch the third Pirates of the Caribbean - just to find out that it was 3 hours long...but well worth it. While we were waiting for it to start Paul ran out of the theatre to get a Starbucks to ensure that he wouldn't fall asleep in the movie; as we wouldn't be getting out until 11:00! When we were sitting watching the movie he leaned over to me and said "it's just like we're dating again" I responded, "yeah but I wasn't pregnant and you didn't have to drink a coffee to stay awake!" ~ We both had an amazing night and once we returned to get Jacob we were welcomed by my brother and SIL, Christy as they had just arrived from the Island...a fabulous night all in all! ::


Laura said...

how fun - reminds me how much we need one of those - thanks!

Canadian Kristin said...

Girl....you are HOT! And by that I mean S-E-X-Y!!!!!!!!!! You constantly amaze me with how drop-dead and totally gorgeous you always look......I'm sure the coffee was just a prop next to a girl like you on Paul's arm!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like fun! We try to go out every other friday. It sure is nice to have something special to look forward to.

Nickie said...

You are one hot and styling mama!!! So glad that you guys had such a great night out.

Theresa said...

It was great seeing you two at White Spot! Did you stay awake until the very, very end? I forgot to ask you... Where did you get that fabulous jacket? I need a little somethin'-somethin' to perk up my maternity wardrobe...

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