:: FYI: I'm not dead ::

:: Ha Ha Ha - My Mom calls me this morning and it goes like this ::

{M} "People will think you're dead"
{S} "What!?!?"
{M} "People will think you're dead, you haven't blogged since like the 16th - that's a long time ya know!"
{S} Laughing "No they won't, people know I have a life"
{M} "No they don't, you need to blog"

:: It still makes me chuckle...but I'm sure ya'll know that I have a life, you just want to see what's going on inside of it...It's okay, I like to snoop too! ::

:: Okay, so I'm not dead but I have been super busy. Busy with good, not bad things. All the same it has kept me away from my blog ::

:: Hopefully the worst is almost over and I'll be back to my normal reality of daily posting by this weekend...okay, let's be realistic, Monday, I'll be back full force on Monday! ::

:: So what have I been up? Oh amazing things, things that make me just want to pee my pants::

:: Yeah, not so much. I have been having fun doing some different things, some new things & letting my creative juices get the best of me & my time ::

:: On Monday I had a photo shoot with a lovely group of people from the Advocacy department at our church CLA in Langley ::

:: That time was followed by finishing up decorations on a cake my girlfriend Lisa ordered from me - that was fun too, although a little nervy. It turned out well and she said that it tasted fabulous! So the goal was attained ::

:: In between those things, I have had so much fun working along side my other friend Lisa with a new adventure that has us just pumped (more on this later...much later)! ::

:: So really that's all that I have to say, I'm still up to my eyeballs in paperwork (aka: emails, because really that is what paperwork is these days) and I'm trying to finish up a few other things I have on my plate this week ::

:: We have had some exciting news around here but I won't update about that right now...I'll keep you in suspense ;) ::

:: Hope ya'll are doing well - Can't wait to have time to catch up with ya'll and take a peek into your lives! ::


susan santos said...

Finally!! I've been checking sometimes more than once a day to see how you are doing. Obviously I have a lot of time on my hands right now...not for long though. Thanks Shawna for the post - you were missed!! And yes, we know you DO have a life, I just like knowing ALL about it!!

Cathy said...

Yay! Welcome back!! When I run by tonight I am going to pop over and find out all about your exciting stuff LOL!

Sounds busy but good! Glad you are alive ;D

jamiedelaine said...

Great headshots Shawna! I knew you'd do a good job, I like 'em. Oh and that CAKE? How incredible. Amazinggggggggggggggg! K, I think that's enough G's. I love how you used the "logo" I sent you too! How cute.

Christy said...

Yay....you're not dead! The pictures and cake are awesome. Makes me want ice cream....mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

the lighting on the headshot top left (lady in white blouse) is perfecto! you are good!
glad to hear you are alive and well.

Lisa B. said...

Love the new header - it's beautiful!

Cathy said...

I am loving your updates! So fresh! Awesome.

Have a super day!

Canadian Kristin said...

So VERY glad you're "not dead"!!! WE WANT CAKE! WE WANT CAKE! That is absolutely FABULOUS! ....can't wait to hear the other exciting news in your world!

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