:: Jacob's 3rd Birthday Celebration ::

:: We celebrated Jacob's birthday quite a bit after his actual day, but it didn't matter a pinch, he was just delighted to have the lovely people in his life all in one place to celebrate him, in full train style! ::

{click on photos to enlarge}

:: We spoke for months about what he wanted to have for his birthday theme, and the overwhelming response was "tchuu chuu" --- So we had a train themed party and oh what a party! ::

:: We drank yummy tea and lemonade and ate candies before dinner too! ::

:: Just look at all the family we had to celebrate with us, what a wonderful time of celebrating! ::
{top left to right: Papa (Jacob's paternal great grandfather), Grampie, Auntie Lindsey, Cousin Denay in the bouncy thing that Jacob hates, schmozzle of kids on picnic blankets, Jacob and his favorite big girl friend - Madelyne, The Pink Bakers singing happy birthday, Uncle Trevy, Aunty Christy & Cousin Denay}

:: We ate cake, and cake and more cake - it was so fun to see his face when he woke from his nap and the cake was ready, he couldn't believe it -- he licked it, but don't tell the guests ;) ::

:: We BBQ'd in good 'ol Summer style, hot dogs and hamburgers all around, it was a beautiful thing! Poor Cole doesn't seem to agree in that bottom photo!?! ::
:: And of course a few photos of the grandparents with the big little 3 year old boy! ::

:: We love you so much Jacob and just couldn't help but celebrate in true Choo-Choo style with you! Thank you to all who were able to make it out to celebrate our biggest little boy, we love and cherish you all! ::


jamiedelaine said...

Those family photos at the end are so cute. :)

The Samy's said...

Looks like you all had such a great time. Jacob looks like he couldn't be happier. Great job on the cake Shawna.
Your family shots are just beautiful!

The Samy's said...
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Char said...

Looks like it was an amazing day! Your cake was great, I can see why he licked it (grin). Happy brithday Jacob!!!

Jason and Kristin said...

Awesome pictures and great cake! You always do such amazing things for your kiddies! Glad you had such a great day! Happy Birthday Jacob!

Laura said...

Looks like a GREAT party! Happy Birthday Jacob!!

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