:: Update on last night ::

:: Trista and I had a great night last night hosting the Open House for Lavish & BeautiControl -- It was fabby to have the two products in one place! ::

:: I ended up getting the brown purse that I posted below as I needed a brown purse more than I needed a black one, however that black purse is still calling my name! Maybe I'll get it for Christmas from my Marm {hint hint} ::

:: Currently all of the products on the Lavish website are 50% off, so if you are interested in purchasing anything they are a steal of a deal! My "Brownstone" purse was $40 w/ tax! ::

:: I'll be back later today to update you on our crazy life around here! ::


Christy said...

Just an FYI....if you ever come across another one of those adorable black totes you got for Christmas last year (I LOVE it) pick one up for me will ya?

Kristin Erickson said...

That brown purse is SO YOU!!! Love it!

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