:: Fly-Beau, The Bachelor ::

:: So as you I'm sure guessed, I saw the season premiere of "The Bachelor" On the Wings of Love {what a corny name!} with Jake. Let me just say that Jake is lovely, he's sweet, sincere and a little bit of a loner {this worries me a bit}. At any rate, he's an all around good guy, not sure what the producers were doing by setting him up with a whole bunch of girls that were less than classy {can I just say landing strip!?!?} and filled with plastic {don't get me wrong, I have no problem with plastic..it was just everywhere on the screen on Monday night!} ::

:: So here is my synopsis, Jake is great, some of the girls not so much...he knows what he wants and he wants a wife. Now I don't know if he really knows what that means or looks like, but that will be determined in the next few weeks ::

:: My top picks for the girls {in no particular order} are these three {sorry the pics are so small, my computer revolted while I was uploading them}, you can find full size ones here ::

:: Ali, 25, Advertising Account Manager -- she's home sweet home ::

:: Tenley, 25, College Admissions -- She's easy {not like that!} but she's confident and sweet, yet perfectly humble - I really like her, she's from Oregon - I have lovely girlfriends that live in Oregon, their just good girls! ::
:: Elizabeth, 29, Nanny -- She's the girl next door on steroids, not sure how confident you would have to be as a wife/mom to hire her as your Nanny! Yikes! ::

:: It'll be a bumpy ride to remove the baggage on the runway of love for this Fly-Beau, but once the runway is clear for take off, it'll be a lovely smooth flight! ::

:: Oh, and did you hear about the scandal on set with one of the producers and girls in line dating??...ah, the drama of living real life on t.v. - nobody said it would be peachy! ::


Jessi said...

I'm not sure that I love Jake yet, but I have the exact same top 3 picks! Tenley is my favorite and I'm pretty sure she's the same girl I used to play soccer with in high school (thanks for the comment, eventhough I know that you weren't talking about me, but I'm from Oregon too and I think I'm pretty cool!) Glad to see you back on here!

Shawna said...

Really!?!?!? That's way cool about Tenley & You!

And yes, you were one of the girls I was referring to as being a Oregon girl, so there! :P

Oh, and um, you saw me in Costco yesterday and you didn't say hi...seriously I must have been wandering around in a daze!?!?!

Jessi said...

You were on the other side of it...and once I grabbed my milk and went looking for you, I couldn't find you! Seriously, I tried, you must have been a women on a mission because I lost you in less than 2 minutes!

Tawn said...

I missed the first episode *ahhh NUTS* ... but gotta say that I'm not a huge Jake fan ... he's too - well - squeeky clean. Squeeky clean is good - don't get me wrong - but, I don't know ... I liked Reid better and hoped that he would come back ...

SO - I have no opinion on the girls ... BUT, can I say that I'm happy that you're back for even the little bit that you can be :-).

Hope that 2010 is super fantastic to you!

Laura said...

I'm laughing... I also have the same top 3 picks!! I'm glad to see Ali in future episodes, they made that pretty clear... and I hope Tenley and Elizabeth stick around too :)

I agree... when selecting the girls, they seemed to have forgotten who the Bachelor was! One model with a boob job after another - yikes!

I must say, I was surprised at a couple of the girls he chose to stay... and I hope he sees the light soon! The mean girl and the emotional girl have got to go!

Nadine said...

I'm not the biggest fan of Tenley but we've only seen the first show. A couple of the girls that I thought should have stayed were sent home.

Richard and I laughed so hard about the "landing strip"! HA! Very bold, is all I have to say.

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