:: 2010 ::

:: 2010 had a bit of a rough start for me, I was feeling a little overwhelmed with starting a whole new year. What did it look like, what would be new, what would now be memories...all the 'what if's' roamed through my mind. Now I have to say I'm not a worrier -- so these feelings of feeling unsure overwhelmed me ::

:: Also, along with that I was asking God for a clear word for 2010 -- for it to be something that was from Him, not me. It took a while for Him to respond. I'm rather impatient, so maybe I was also being taught a lesson... ::

:: Then one morning when I was praying before I got out of bed, He said to me as clear as day "PURPOSE". You are to do everything that you do, with PURPOSE. Now I don't know about you, but I don't often do something that doesn't have any PURPOSE, and so when He first said "PURPOSE" I was like, well what the heck do you think I do everything for, the fun of it?!?!?! ::

:: But then as I meditated more on what PURPOSE really meant and if what I do that occupies my time is really on PURPOSE I realized that I have made and create a lot of fluffy stuff in my life -- now don't get me wrong, fluff is good. In proportion to a PURPOSE filled life ::

:: Let me tell you Lovelies, this is not an easy task for me to do...I'm a person that LOVES to have fun and I truly love the fluff - HAHA! So this has definitely been a challenge, refocusing myself and doing things on PURPOSE. Keeping the fluff to a manageable level and leading life through Christ PURPOSEFULLY ::

:: It's a good thing, at least I keep on telling myself that! ::

* * *

:: Happy Monday Y'all! We're doing more laundry, oh joy. But later we're going to watch the torch run through our neighborhood, it's literally 5 blocks from our home, oh happy day! We've got our "Oh Canada" gloves ready thanks to Aunty Lisa ::

:: May your day be filled with PURPOSE and a bit of fluff! ::

:: XO, *S ::


Nadine said...

Great word!!! That's a good challenge and one that God will walk with you to achieve.

Crystal said...

I think its so amazing when we start to learn the difference between our definition of words and Gods..its amazing what things can happen! I think that is a great word..figuring out Gods purpose for Shawnas life:)! Cant' wait to hear how this year fullfills Gods purpose in your life!

Lisa B. said...

I like the fact that you had the vulnerability to share your feelings of uneasiness about the beginning of a new year. Not everything is always rosy and it a good reminder when we hear people's struggles of how much we really do need to rely on Christ alone.
I love your word for 2010 and I know God will reveal to you and your little family exactly what that looks like as the months go on.

Tawn said...

... so great!!

Jody & Melissa said...

I really loved this post. I don't normally leave comments, but I just wanted to publicly tell you that I loved this. Your word. Your honesty. You. xo

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