:: Random. ::

:: I have registered JJ & Coley to their appropriate schools since Monday ::

:: I then re-registered them in different schools, we're indecisive peeps around here ::

:: I detailed and washed my car yesterday, as it's been beautiful here ::

:: It's raining here today, but my car is nice clean! ::

:: Wednesday consisted of
bible study for the morning, birthday party for the afternoon and shopping in the states for the evening - phew - Wednesday was a long day! ::

:: Thursday I tried to recover from Wednesday, didn't really work. ::

:: I've made 48 red velvet cupcakes today ::

:: But none of them are for us :( ::

:: Never thought I would be caught dead using this stuff, but "
couponed" it - so it was almost free ::
:: I surprised myself by liking it, the washroom smells super fresh and lovely - Like a freshly cleaned washroom. It's just so great! ::

:: Tonight is a quiet night at home, curry is for dinner ::

:: Can you say YUM?!?! ::

:: Tomorrow is work day around the house. ::

:: But a date with Mr. L tomorrow night has me just buzzing! ::

:: I think on the menu is a dinner out and the Kings Speech - should be
fabby! :::: On a totally different topic, I asked for new runners for Valentine's day - this is the actual phone photo I messaged to him. Boys need hints people, very clear concise hints. :::: I'm a die-hard romantic ;) ::

:: Happy weekend Lovelies, I hope you have time to enjoy the love that is around you! ::

** Edited to Say**

:: Just heard on the news that the average a person spends $116.00 on Valentines day. We however, do not. We are using a gift card {from two Christmas' ago} for dinner and some coupons from the back of our cereal boxes for our movie. And those shoes of mine, a whopping $34.99 - And the kids off to G&G's for the night {yessiree, the whole night} = priceless!!! ::


Candice said...

You are too funny. I love your randomness :o) What schools did you decide on for the boys ? (you can message me on FB..if you want). Also, FYI, the movie passes are only good from Sunday-Thursday. Hope that doesn't ruin your plans. Happy Valentine's Day !!

Candice said...

OH, AND...the cupcakes look FABULOUS, and so, SO yummy. One more thing, I also LOVE the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel. Having boys, you NEED it :o)

Okay, that's all :P

Canadian Kristin said...

Hmmm, have always loved those little scrubbing bubbles and will certainly check out that gadget...cause I have certainly have boys!

Choosing schools if huge, good on you for being willing to change your mind and trust your gut!

Enjoy your date night!

Lisa B. said...

Sounds like a very productive few days! Always feels great to get those things "checked" off the list.
Happy LOVE day to you and Mr. L. I'm sure your date night will be wonderful!

Amanda said...

I have those runners from Costco and I LOVE them!! Looks like you guys had a fabby V Day together!

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