: What I L O V E Wednesday :

I don't particularly L O V E Wednesdays that's precisely why I do this post ;) -- and I'm linking up with Little Daisy May today to share

So here are my "What I LOVE Wednesday" items for this week:

No. 1
~ Mumford & Sons: Simply cannot-get-enough.
See their performance here on the Grammy's

No.2 ~ 6 disposable coffee cups from Dollar Tree...these are new to Dollar Tree and my girlfriend showed them to me last night when we were in the states, price for 6 $1!!! I have them on hand for times when all our reusable travel mugs are dirty - or missing ;)
No. 3 ~ Genevieve Gorder is one of my favorite designers and I'm just loving her show currently on HGTV! She has not only great casual interior design elements but her personal style is absolutely phenomenal!

{photo credit here}
No. 4 ~ I'm loving the Spring, the later sunsets, the sunshine, the flowers...ahhh, so lovely!

No. 5 ~ I'm also loving that sooner than later we'll be planting these in the garden - bring on the SUMMER!!!
No. 6 ~ Loving the pile of lemons in my kitchen, I bought them to add a splash of colour for our showings. Does that trick at a super cheap price, and it reminds me of Tuscany...not sure why but it does - fresh, alive, relaxed, rejuvenated. Maybe we'll have to go there sooner than later!

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!!! It's a beautiful sunshiny day here and we're still on Spring Break!!! Lovin' these home days!



jamiedelaine said...

i could use a trip to tuscany!

Canadian Kristin said...

i'll meet you in tuscany!

Shawna said...

Tuscany -- Sounds good to me!

Lisa B. said...

Sounds like a party in Tuscany!!! Count me SOOOO in!

Trista Cooper said...

Love the lemons on the kitchen counter....I am so in on a trip to Tuscany.

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