: Mother's Day 2011 :

We had a weekend full of festivities :: We were in Vancouver @ my
SIL's place for our celebration for my Mum-in-Law's celebration. It was late and after a long day of celebrations for our nephew Jack's birthday {more on that later} so this was the only shot I got of the evening - Ha! We enjoyed Chinese food ordered in and I made cream brulee - we enjoyed both!

On Sunday we went to church, church is always so good and being there with my Mom was extra nice! After church we headed to our regular brunch place on Mother's day - Fort Langley Golf & Country Club. Here is
Marm with Coley - oh boy, little kids in a room with tables full of food is um, fun!?!?!

Here is my little family

These are the little gaffers that made me a Mama --- Surprises sent by God, not always the way we had planned it, but couldn't imagine life without them!
I woke up to the boys bringing me this box and a lovely new beach hat from Lands End --- however Cole was sure the gift was from Home Depot "What a cool gift from Home Depot Mama!" - Ha! What a guy! I also have a Lands End beach tote coming my way, but was delayed due to the monogram {ooooohhhhh ahhhh!}! Ps. Paul had some good hints as to what I would like as a gift...I gave him options and he definitely did his own thing and did not disappoint!

Once we returned home from brunch we rested together and watched a video then the boys all headed outside to give me some quiet time - I indulged in watching some of my favorite PVR'd shows, gave myself a pedicure & read magazines - BLISS!

Interrupted only by some fresh flowers picked from my garden from my boys...so sweet, thankfully they were tulips and not the normal weeds I usually get ;)
I am blessed beyond measure to have been raised by such an amazing Mom and to be surrounded by fabulous examples of amazing Mom's that I do "mommy-hood" with! I hope y'all had a fabulous Mama's day and know how treasured you are...More precious than rubies, that you are!


** This morning I walked into the basement to find all three buckets of cereal dumped on the floor with diggers being pushed through them. So I'm happy to report all has returned to normal ;) **


Anonymous said...

where do you get your boys clothes?

Trista Cooper said...

Great Post! Looks like you had a wonderful mothers day! Love the end where the boys dumped the cereal on the floor!!!

Shawna said...

@Anonymous: These shirts etc were from my Marm, the dress shirt was on sale from Carters (I think $5/piece) and we found the sweater vests @ Kohls on sale in January when we were away in AZ - they were $6/piece.

@T: HaHaHa - can you guess which little one's idea it was to make a cereal pit in my basement ;)

Christy said...

You got a real live picture :) I didn't take one! Missed you on Sunday and wished I could've given you a Happy Mother's Day hug in person!

The Doctor's Closet said...

love it!!! now i want to make dessert!!! :)

Mirror of Fashion said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

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