: What I LOVE Wednesday :

Here are just a few {random, very random} things I am loving these days! Really anything to keep my mind off the fact that I'm moving in two days!

I found this site {if you don't already know I have a
slight obsession with Royals...not just the British ones, all of them!}. There is a new website called theroyalpost.com that gives me just the perfect amount of "royalness" Ha Ha!

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My girlfriend commented on my scarf in the last picture in my last post, I love it too! I got my scarf from Army & Navy {a local all sorts of random items store} for $5.99 --- I guess seeing all the Missoni for Target all over the place got me into the the colour/pattern mix...however sadly I didn't make it to a Target store or grab them online prior to the Missoni being sold out! So my A&N scarf will have to do ;)
As we are moving in the next few days, I am itching to get my hands on all things FALL!!! I don't know about you but I'm all for getting deep into Fall, bring on the pumpkins! I was reminded of how much I can't wait for this when I went over to Dear Lillie's blog, she has such a great eye for decorating and absolutely adorable daughters to boot! Check it out a free canvas {just pay shipping (aprox. $12)} I ordered one last year for Mr. L and put it under the tree for him..it's now in his office - gonna order another one for me as I gave my free one away last year :)
I absolutely CANNOT wait for our church's women's Fall program {starting today!} -- It's going to be great! I love the God time, Girl time, time to be me; Shawna again. It's so refreshing and uplifting!
Thanks for coming by Lovelies. Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday, I personally can't believe it's already Wednesday! Seriously, where does the week go!?!?


*Oh, and I almost forgot!!! Happy Anniversary My Love! 9 years ago - can you believe that!?! 9 years, wow! Love you more and more each day...

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Dear Lillie said...

Thanks so much for the mention and Happy Anniversary!

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