: Cole's 4th Birthday :

Coley's birthday was one of the first things we hosted {other than our moving in day} in the new house..we had just been in the house slightly over a month and hosting 2 birthday parties days in a row. It was a little nuts, but he's worth it!

He wanted everything pirates and I was happy to do something that we had never done before -- I googled printable pirate party and I found some super cute {FREE} printables -- that's such a great savings for us!
Cole asked for a treasure chest birthday cake and thankfully my friend Tawn had done one a few months before I needed to do mine, so I just copied her ;)

{I would normally have photos of the kids at his "friends" birthday but unfortunately my other camera that I was using as they are quite quick little kids decided to go on the fritz and I lost the photos and video...I was SO sad!}

A few days later we had the family over for his "family" birthday - we hosted a spaghetti dinner {his fave} along with Caesar salad and bread.

Here's Cole with big brother JJ & Nana & Papa

Jacob with GG {remember he really loves his GG}
Daddy and the birthday boy - these two have such a great bond, really warms my heart!

The "Grandma's"
Our little family just before cake consumption ;)

Opening of gifts -- this was the first year he was REALLY into it!
He too was SO excited about his Jessie doll -- just look at this face!?!
Cole loves his GG too!

The birthday boy was VERY wired by the time we tried to get a photo with G&G -- this was the best we got :s

Tried to get a decent photo in front of his birthday board...this was the best one I could get - oy vey!
Coley-Bear, you are a delight in every way..you continually bring smiles to our face. God has blessed you with a sensitive heart and a huge sense of humour -- we are SO blessed by having you as our son! May your 4th year be filled with learning, fun and lots and lots of love!

Mama & Daddy

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