: Happy Valentines Day :: Question for you :

Q: What do you do to celebrate, do you even celebrate Valentines day?A: As for us, we celebrate, in a very loose way. We try and get out for a date at least once a month and so during February we make out V-day celebration, but really it's not that big of a deal.

All I want for V-day {now that we have kids, home etc.} is some flowers and some cuddles from my boys..maybe some extra ahem, cuddles from Mr. L -- that's it, not a big deal in my eyes.I don't feel that Mr. L has to prove his love for me on this particular day, really we just feel it's a good reminder to take account of our love and how thankful we are that we have each other and our family.

...that being said the one thing that I always love to get is flowers and Mr. L has a pretty great eye at putting together flowers so when I woke this am to these beauties I was pleasantly surprised!I'm hosting a ~LOVE FEAST~ tonight for my all my boys...and we have a few gifts for each of them, really it's just another reason to put priorities where they should be and that's in spending time with our family and each other...then after the "LOVE FEAST" I'm off to zumba and Mr. L will tuck the boys into bed....ahhh the life of a glamorous housewife ;)

Hope you all are feeling the love today and everyday!


Christy said...

Happy LoooVe Day Sister! And lovely flowers, lucky girl :)

Jason and Kristin said...

Happy Valentine's day! We don't do anything major - we went out on a movie date the other night and then tonight we are heading down to the USA as a family and doing some grocery shopping and taking the boys out for dinner...that's just life!!

Keri's Collage... said...

I love Valentines Day! I always make a special feast for Dave and the kids. We don't usually buy anything for each other but I enjoy getting a hand written note from him. You will have to check out my Spaghetti and HEARTy meatball dinner! Pics on FB :)
After dinner we dropped the kids off at piano and went on a romantic grocery shopping trip!!

CJ said...

lol...Michael got the same card for me for Valentine's Day! too funny...i wonder if they shopped for them together and got a two for one deal...lol :)

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