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I have friends who are amazing at hospitality; who invite people over and say come as you are and accept us as we are.  I don't feel overwhelmed by these types this is their gift, they are people filled with the gift of hospitality. 

I love that gift, I try and hone my gift of hospitality...but to be truthful sometimes I'm too uptight to let my guard down and invite people in. 

This is where Edie comes in, she has this hospitality thing down pat.  Well not really; she just lets her guard down and welcomes people in. 

"Hospitality isn’t about inviting people into our perfect homes, it’s about inviting them into our imperfect hearts."

She continues to say: 

"It’s about learning to live from that vulnerable place where we open ourselves to love.
And ultimately, it’s about Him—The perfect Host who provides for everything we sinners need, right down to the best wine for the wedding feast.
This ebook is for anyone who has felt his own poverty and known the redemption of being loved anyway.
This is hospitality, on purpose."

I encourage you to purchase her ebook, if it's anything close to her blog on 31 days of hospitality it's bound to be amazing! I just wish I could actually hold it in my hands.  Books like that I don't just want them on my kindle I want them on my nightstand too! 

Hope this encourages you {and me} to open yourself up, be vulnerable and have someone in.  You never know how it will bless you! 

Have a great evening lovelies! 

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Crystal said...

I heard a great thing once where it stated there's a difference between hospitality and entertaining. Our society focuses too much on entertaining. Some of our closest friends come hang out once a month or so and we eat cheaps and drink wine, and it's perfect:)

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