| Winter Days |

This morning we woke up to this beautiful sight. 
After three full days of snow {which by the way I much prefer snow to 3 days of rain!} we woke to beautiful blue sky and a layer of white reflecting the beautiful light. 

So much to be thankful for. 

Yesterday was a pro-d day for my boys so they were home.  
 We had a wonderful day enjoying movies, organizing, building snow forts and shoveling the drive. 

So much fun in fact that after dinner when we went to tuck the boys in Jacob was already sound asleep in his bed.  Oh, to not forget these precious days. 

So since the snow stuck around and having the boys with me for a 4 day long weekend just wasn't enough, I wrote their teachers and asked for permission to do their work from home today.  "Just one more day with you please Mama?"  How do I resist that request.  Not many more years and they won't want to be around me at all! 
So we hunkered in to a plate full of pancakes and their school work to get it out of the way.  It wasn't dreamy but we got it done and a speech written for the district wide speech competition. 

Now we are waiting on fresh baked cookies and a walk in the snow. 

Seems like a perfect winter day to me. 


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