New House

Okay okay, it's not really a new house, but it's not the "jail house" anymore!  It's the same house we have been in for the past {almost} 3 years; but it looks like a new house now!! 

Here's the back story: I enter blog contest through Monika Hibbs for a $500 Home Depot gift card, I actually WON said gift card, then this arrived on my doorstep:

We had a family vote as to what Behr colors we liked {it was all between different shades of grey} // We all ended up liking the exact same color grey {Mined Coal} and white {Falling Snow} so off to Home Depot we go: 
We spent labor day long weekend painting our house, it was a big job but manageable for my Mr. and I to do over the three days.  The weather was perfect, the kids were near to perfect {until they decided to paint the driveway white...NBD!! Dear Lord!} // My Dad dropped by on Monday afternoon to give us some assistance too which was so welcome, especially since it included my Marm coming later with BBQ for us!

So here is the before: 

And After: 

Our house is two stories straight up on the sides and back and since we are novice painters we are hiring someone to come and finish the fascia board next week for us. 
Paul also decided our front steps were less than savory so he ended up rebuilding them this past weekend.  

Now we can rest.  Well kinda.  Okay, not at all.  The stairs need to be stained and we need to figure out how to make the rest of the front porch look like its new but it will get there.  It's all a process ;-) 

We are SO delighted with how it turned out, we loved using the Behr paint, it went on so well and dried super fast with great coverage!   Feels so good to have the exterior match the interior now!  

Up next I'm going to do a summer wrap up post, it's been a great summer full of making memories that I don't want to forget. But for now, I'm off to play with the boys in the cul-de-sac with our new neighbors.  Feeling very full and content.  We count ourselves blessed. 

Thanks Monika & Home Depot; we're no longer the ugliest house on the block ;-)

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