Terrible Blogging Buddy

Okay, so I have let my blog slip...but frankly, I'm not going to watch life pass me by while I blog. So I have cut back on my bloggin addiction :)

The "Laderoute Stroller Search" has come to an end, tonight we purchased this beauty:

It was a great deal considering that we checked out the same one at TJ's Kiddie store and they were asking $459.00 for a very used one! We paid $230.00 and it was just used for 6 months!

We feel like we got a steal of a deal considering the price you can pay for a Peg Perego stroller.

As a bonus we also got the matching car seat:

So now we will have to try and sell our Peg Perego car seat that we bought for Jacob prior to him arriving!

This is the one that we need to get rid of:

It makes me sad thinking that we will have to get rid of the very first seat that Jacob was ever in but what was I going to do - Keep it forever? It's better to have the cash in our pockets...it's worth over $180 new, so I don't know how much to aks for it. It's still in really good condition, almost in better condition than the one we just got!


Jessi said...

What a score! and a matching carseat too! So we've seen pictures of molasses, pictures of Jones Soda, pictures of your new wheels for Jacob...but no pictures of the man himself! Come on Shawna, we want to see Jacob, and you and Paul of course!

Love, Jessi and Halle

Canadian Kristin said...

Love the new stroller!!! Very awesome that it came with the matching carseat, so convenient to just pop baby in and out of the car to the stroller and back for quick trips out!!!

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