Too busy for God?

Nope, but in the midst of all of the daily "going-ons" in my life I totally forgot to call Rebecca and tell her that we were not going to make it out to cell tonight - Oops, Sorry Bec!

I also have to apologize to Kristin...hope you enjoyed chapters 5 & 6 :)

I took this picture of the beautiful sky & trees out my own back door...how amazing is God's creation!?!?!

Jessi, these pics are for you... He's almost 5 months here:

This is what Jacob does while I blog, clean or bake - So PRECIOUS (at least to me)

Here he is when he was just 10 hours new :)


Canadian Kristin said...

WOW.....you looked absolutely amazing only 10 short hours after Jacob's birth! Stunning! The glow from a full-of-joy heart is the best!!! What a lovely family photo!

Blogging has no rules, so do it when you feel it, that's what I say! This is a "no pressure" sport! ;-)

Jessi said...

More like...Too busy for BLOG! Where have you been? Don't worry, we haven't been on much either, we're busy getting ready for Halle's birthday party aka renovating! Talk to you soon!


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