:: My Birthday Day Cont ::

:: Beautiful white (my fav colour) tulips my Marm bought for my day :: :: Marm & Lindsey ::
:: Jordan (my bro & Lindsey's hubby) wasn't feeling too well ::
:: Ice Cream Cake ~ YUMMY ::
:: Self portrait :) ::
:: Still more to come... ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Happy BIRTHDAY to my Shawna-friend! Beautiful white tulips for a beautiful girl! You look like a happy and blessed woman...exactly as it should be!!!

That cake looks sooooooo scrumptious!

Phil & Nickie said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great day! I'm so glad that I know about your blog now and can get a glimpse of your life. We need to get together soon! Life is kinda nuts right now with work, school, Mexico and Christmas, so maybe in the new year?

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