:: My Birthday Day ::

:: We started the day off with Starbucks :: :: Then headed to my parents for a birthday lunch - Trev & Christy came over from the Island :::: My Grandma & Nanny came too ::

:: My super amazing lunch, typically this is our Christmas Eve meal but since we are all married now we won't be having this tradition anymore (along with not having stockings, trust me this is quite the big deal in our family) ::

:: More to come - Stay tuned ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, roast beef and yorkshires, my favourite!!!

What....no stockings?!?!?! What does THAT have to do with being married?!?!?!? Can't Santa have them there for either your pre- or post-Christmas family gathering?!?!?!? I don't understand...

Shawna said...

Tell us about it - we are currently on strike that we should all get stockings...however Mom says that Jacob, Bear & Elmo get them this year!

I understand Jacob, but come on, the new kittens!?!?!? What's up with that!

Amanda said...

I don't like the idea of no stockings!! If it too much money for the parents to do then a GREAT idea is that each of you choose a secret name and buy 1 stocking! Then you don't know who it is from but everyone could have a great one!! Just a suggestion!

YOU CAN'T GIVE UP THE STOCKINGS SHAWNA!!!!! Do I need to call Aunty Jo?

Lisa B. said...

Okay - I want a cake like that for my birthday - wait, that's in August and too long to wait!
Hmmm, okay how about that cake for Matt's birthday - that's next weekend!!!

And as for the stocking thing - Mama Jo, I'm sure you're going to read this since it's the only way for you to get to see pics of Jacob while you're away, embrace the stockings again!!! Christmas is not Christmas without stockings!!!!

Canadian Kristin said...

In my immediate family, for Christmas at Mom and Dad's we each buy a little something for all the adults, has to fit in the stocking, $5 range... and all of us have commented that it's our FAVOURITE part of Christmas..... no pressure to your Mom (wink wink)!!! Find a way, make a way...do it, you gotta have stockings, I say!!!

Anonymous said...

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