:: It's Ours ::

:: Well we signed the papers on the new house today – So it is officially ours! We are so thankful for the deal we got on it and for all of the steps that have brought us to this point ::

:: We had three showings today at our townhouse and we have two more booked for tomorrow – Please continue to pray that our place sells quickly as close to $300,000.00 as possible! We have faith that it will sell in the right time to the right owner. Here is our spec sheet ::

:: Since we are in the mood of selling items we put my (our) car up for sale on buy-sell.com on Friday night and we had a guy call 4 times this week to try and get a time that worked for both of us so that he could check out the car for his little sister (what a great bro eh!?!?) ::

:: Here is my little baby all polished up and ready to go to a great home ::

:: Paul worked on her for about 2 hours and then I went down and joined him for about an hour to finish buffing the polish off of her. That buffing is really hard work!!! ::

:: Jacob and I are off to the doctors tomorrow to have a routine check up and we will probably be crashing at my parents in the afternoon since I can’t go home due to showings :) ::

:: Hope everyone is doing well - the blog world has been quite sparse these days!!!! ::


Amanda said...

I know that you will sell if right away. Candice and Mike had theirs on the realtor mls for like 24 hours and it sold. They didn't have a yard even. It'll sell in no time! Your spec sheet looks great!

Anonymous said...

Shows REALLY well! I don't think you'll have any problems with a quick and clean sale!!!!!!!!! Am praying that, too! :-)

Candice said...

Ours actually didn't even make on to MLS. We had 4 people come through in 2 hours and had 3 offers for higher than the listing price. If it's God's timing, it will sell...don't you worry!! GOD IS GOOD!!!

Sarah McWhinnie said...

Your realtor's name is MICHAEL JORDAN??? Bwa ha ha ha. I thought that was humorous.
Good to hear everything is going well on the house front! Congrats.
Sarah :)

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