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Well we had a very full weekend of house hunting (yes, still) well maybe I should call it comparison shopping, The Vancouver Bridal Trends Show (for a secret someone who is soon to be legal), family meals and lots of visiting with friends from Ontario, and celebrating a 30th Birthday ~ More on all of these below:

So the house saga continues…we had it inspected on Saturday (which thankfully I was away for) and there were a few surprises that we hadn’t noticed when we first walked through the house. Nothing too major though. Nothing in my opinion that would hinder us from purchasing the house, however my Dad would beg to differ. Over many cups of tea and many late nights we have come to the conclusion that the house is “worth it” – the extra fix-ups and time will be well invested in this home and the location of it.

So as of tonight we have secured the deal and we will be delivering the down payment tomorrow and everything will be final by tomorrow @ 11:00 pm. We are getting so excited – there is lots of work to do but it will be so much fun to see our d├ęcor thoughts come to life!

We have 4, yes, I said 4 showings tomorrow…I am trying to stay very optimistic that nothing may come of these 4 showings but seeing as our place was just listed last night on the realtor MLS – I think we have a pretty good response. So if you think of us please pray for the sale of this home as it would take a mighty large burden off of our shoulders. I have to say though, through this whole house situation Paul and I have been able to stand back and have faith that God will provide and he has yet to let us down, so we know we just have to continue to have faith and he will see us through! God is SO good!!!

For the last week friends of ours Chris & Sarah have been visiting from Ontario, we have had great times with them over a few different venues – White Spot one day (for Mr. Legendary aka Chris), then my parents dinner table the next day for my brother’s 30th Birthday Party – Here are the pic’s from Jordan’s birthday:
:: Birthday Boy and Lindsey ::
:: Our fabby meal of roast beef and the fixin's :: :: the famous icecream cake - can't beat that! ::
:: We got Jord a subscription to a magazine of his choice but since I didn't have anything to give him I gave him these Chrysler slate coasters, however he thought they were quite cool! ::
:: Spring Daffodil's - I love spring! :::: This is Chris and his lovely bride Sarah, it was great to see you Chris and meet you Sarah. I was glad that we were able to visit as much as we did - you will have to come back soon! ::
:: I think that is about it -- Please if you remember us or run through my blog pray about everyone that walks through our house tomorrow and pray that it sells quick and maybe a bit above asking, that would just be the cherry on top :) ::

:: I will update you with any news as soon as we have it! ::


Phil & Nickie said...

Congrats on the showings! You will definitely be in my prayers! Remember, every light on in the house and vacuum marks look really good!

Candice said...

HAPPY 30TH JORDAN!! You start the ball rolling for that big milestone my friend. Oh well, you're only as old as you feel :)

Sarah McWhinnie said...

Hey, cute pic of Chris and I!! Thanks for EVERYTHING Shawna, you are wicked fantastic! I was so glad to meet you, and hang out with you and Jacob (cutest boy ever) with the fam. I loved Vancouver and can't wait to come back, but try to get out this way one day too!! Thanks again, you're the best! MUAH!
Sarah :) (Married to Mr. Legendary)

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