:: Beyond Measure ::

We are blessed beyond measure and this pregnancy is a testament to that - even though this pregnancy wasn't "planned" I am so sure that God had it planned far before we even thought it could happen!

Here is what is happening inside with this amazing little life that God is forming:

Happy week 13 Baby!

(FYI: This is not our baby - but this is what our baby looks like right now)

This is your final week in the first trimester and your little weed continues to grow and grow and grow. Of the three trimesters, this one has been the most important for your little one’s development. Assuming you’ve carefully adopted a healthy diet, exercise and ample rest, your little one is set up perfectly for even more growth and development in tri two! Way to go! He or she now weighs about 2.5 ounces and is roughly 3.5” in length. Little hairs, known as lanugo, will start to cover their body this week, as their sense of taste and smell are further refined. Their cozy little amniotic sac is also increasing in size and mass, as it continues to fill with more fluid.

There are a lot of things going on this week! All twenty teeth have formed and are waiting (Teething is yet to come!). .Your baby's intestines are migrating from the umbilical cord into his or her abdomen. The villi are also forming in the intestines, these help in peristaltic movements and digestion. The pancreas of your little one is even secreting insulin!
Such an amazing miracle!


Candice said...

Isn't it so amazing ? ALMOST makes me want to have another one..to feel the kicks, there is no greater feeling. (Remember, I said "ALMOST").

Laura said...

Incredible! Life at any stage is so precious.

Canadian Kristin said...

Amazing. Truly and completely amazing! I am so sooooo jealous. Savour every second of it, even in and amidst the packing and planning...savour it, really really savour it.

Charlene Witt said...

Congratulations Shawna & Paul, this is the first I have heard of the arrival of baby #2. (things I have been a bit busy here and I have to admit it has been a few weeks since I have visited your BLOG)
Having kids close together is great, busy but really wonderful.
I will pray for health and protection for both you and baby bean for the duration of your pregnancy. God Bless

PS- Shawna can you email me at ckwitt@telus.net. For some weird reason I cannot send you an email, it always gets returned, if you can email me your phone number I have something to ask you. THNX

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