:: C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ::

:: A big congratulations to Jennifer (Paul's Sister) & Michael on their engagement ~ We are so delighted for you guys and pray God's richest blessing on your lives ::

:: Here is how the engagement went in Jennifer's words ::

"Well, it happened! Yesterday right after work, Michael took me to the beach so I could fly my stunt kite to ease my stress. I noticed that there were about 10 other people flying the same stunt kite as mine at the beach already (it’s a 3 meter kite) so I was happy to see that! Anyway, we went to the beach, and started to fly my kite. After about 2 hours I said to Michael that I was tired (arms hurt) and wanted to put it down for a bit and just relax. Michael went and got a blanket out but it started to sprinkle! So Michael put the blanket over our heads and kissed me. He then put my face in his hands and said, “Jen, you are my best friend. Do you remember when we were last here, I told the world (he yelled aloud…)that I would never let you go again…(then he got down on one knee) and said, Jen, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my soul mate, my love, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Jennifer Victoria Laderoute, will you marry me? I said a big “YES” – then he pulled out the ring box, and as soon as I caught a glimpse of it, I started crying. It was exactly like the one I had always wanted – but Michael never knew it! He had this one custom made because “it seemed the most LIKE me”.

After he asked me to marry him, we sat down on the blanket because the spitting rain had stopped. Michael brought out two personal sized champagne bottles and we toasted to each other our lives together and our future. We were crying and laughing and took so many photos of us together with the ring. And when we looked across the burrard inlet when the sun started to shine, we saw a gorgeous rainbow right above us and touched down at Stanley park. It couldn’t have been more perfect!!!! My kites flying everywhere, sitting on the beach with champagne and a rainbow overhead!!"

:: Here is a picture of the ring - I will get more pictures of the event today and upload them ::

:: Happy Planning! ::


Christy said...

How exciting! Another wedding.....pass along our congrats to the newly engaged couple. What a rock!
Hope you guys are having a great weekend. Love ya

Lisa B. said...

Congratulations Jen and Michael! And kudos to Michael on a fabulous choice of ring. Can't wait to see it in person.

Canadian Kristin said...

Well done on knowing your bride so well that you gave her the perfect ring! Congratulations to you both, and God's best blessings on your marriage!!!

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