:: I must continue on ::

:: Well, this week has been a complete mix of packing, re-arranging, sorting, organizing, deciding, meetings, signing papers etc….it has been rather full and it’s only Tuesday!!!! ::

:: We are slowly but surely getting finished all of the details that go into a move. But since we are moving to my parents place for the time being it makes it even harder as we have to bring little “this ‘n that’s” to their place that normally we would just take to our new place and then set up life as we know it! However we are so blessed to be able to stay with Mom & Dad so we don’t have to be in the midst of all of the dust, paint and renovations that are happening ::

:: Anyway, I better go here I am supposed to be finishing up Paul’s tax return for the accountant (apparently I missed a few things when I submitted it to her!) ::

:: I will try and update sooner than later, but I don’t promise anything! ::

:: Here is a picture my brother sent to me from Easter Sunday ::


Canadian Kristin said...

What time shall I send Shawn over on the 19th???

Jessi said...

Where have you been chica...we miss you! Both of you! Congrats again!

Love, Jessi

Canadian Kristin said...

Hey.........how come you are up right now......11:37 on Thursday night.......

Nickie said...

How are the renovations coming?

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