:: Oi ::

:: Sorry to all of my loyal blog readers for the lack of interest I have paid into my blog. I have not purposed to neglect my beloved blog, but with all the reno's and work we are pouring into the house right now time just doesn't allow time for play! ::

:: Here is a brief review of what we have been up to ::

Our home on move in day - Paul mowing the lawn for the first time:

One of the many loads to the dump:

The ever-so-helpful Matt working in our main bath:

Paul working on sanding the stairs:

:: We headed to the Island for my Brothers 25th birthday bash - we had a great time...however Paul couldn't make it due to the reno's, but Jacob and I had a blast! ::On the ferry ride over:

Meeting the newest member to Christy's family; Chance, Jacob loved him so:
Keeping Jacob occupied on the ferry ride home by Uncle Jord blowing him bubbles: :: We also had a fabulous experience attending my brothers graduation from the Justice Institute and graduating as a Vancouver Policeman - this was a very cool experience for our family as Jordan is third generation VPD and my Dad had the honour of putting on his formal uniform and presenting Jord with his badge. A very moving day to say the least. Jordan we are so proud of you! ::

Jord waiting to march again and get his badge:

Jordan and his beauty of a wife, Lindsey post Graduation:

The Policemen and their wives:Like father, like son:

:: I think that is it for tonight, I will wait to show you before and after pictures of the house until we are completely finished! Keep my blog warm with your comments while I'm away working on the house! Thanks Y'all!!! ::


Jessi said...

Busy busy, oh the joys of homeownership! And the best part, it never ends! Can't wait to see your before/after pics! Hope everything else is great with you three, oh wait, I mean FOUR!!!

Christy said...

Hey Girl.....okay I've updated my blog and more to come tomorrow with new deck piccys's. It was great to see you guys yesterday and we hope everything continues to run along with your house! Talk to you soon.

Jessi said...

Hiya...I bought a carseat, but I wasn't planning on selling it...if you're talking about my craigslist post. However I got a sweet deal on a brand new Pliko P3 this week with a matching carseat for umm...free! Yep, well I actually traded my Graco travel system for it. The lady must have been nuts because my Graco was less than half the price of her Peg Perego! So I guess that I could sell the other Graco Snugride...let me know.

Canadian Kristin said...

I'm going to need to get Jessi to find me a steal of a deal on a Phil&Ted stroller....FREE is the price I'd like! ;-)

Shawna, glad you had a chance to get away from the renos and go to your brother's grad. LOVE the photo of him and your Dad, that is so sweet!!!!!!

Can't wait to see your house in order....soon?!?!?! "In order" or not, I'm missing you, my friend!

Jessi said...

Ok...it's been exactly a month today that you've left the world of blogging, now I know that your super busy with a little man that just turned 1...and pergo...and a new house...but come on! Just a picture of the past month would satisfy me! Kidding, but really...miss hearing about you and your fam!

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