:: It's been a while ::

Hello All,

I am back in the land of the living - well somewhat!?!?!?

We have pretty much settled into our new place and have completed the renovations that we wanted to do and some that we didn't want to do!

I will be posting some pictures of our new place and hopefully some before pictures as well - I also need to post pictures of Jacob's 1st Birthday, I'll do his birthday first!

Thanks for hanging in while I was away for so long!


Canadian Kristin said...

YAY.......you're back! We missed you!

Amanda said...

I second that Kristin!

Nickie said...

Welcome back!!! Can't wait to see the pictures. I guess I should probably post on my blog too.... it's been a while. Like you, we have been going crazy with moving stuff, although no renos for us.

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