:: Family Photo's ::

:: We were supposed to go to Crescent Beach to have some family photo's taken by a friend, but due to to unforeseen circumstances they were unable to make it. But that didn't stop us - We borrowed Jordan's super-duper camera (thanks Jord) and headed down to the beach to capture us three before we expand into four! ::

:: Thanks to Mom Mac for being our Photographer and to Dad Mac for being our entertainer for Jacob - The photo's turned out great and thankfully the weather turned out as well! ::
:: Here are some of our photo's from the beach ::

:: Please vote on your favorite family picture - I can't decide! ::

:: FYI - I'm 21 weeks pregnant tomorrow ::


Christy said...

My favourite is definitely the fourth photo from the top......the one taken length ways. It's beautiful! Mum is quite the photographer. Love ya lots

Canadian Kristin said...

What great photos...do you guys ever take a not-great one?!?! I like the first one best....it's exactly the three of you as you are in real! Love the belly, Shawna... what a blessed gaggle you all are!!!

Laura said...

wow, great pictures! my favorite is the second one and you look fantastic shawna!!!

Amanda said...

I like the second one where you can see Jacob's little front teeth but I also like the 3rd one because it shows his little character.

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