:: Our Walk ::

:: Yesterday once Paul got home we headed to our local park (about 2 blocks from our house) - It's just a perfect little park for toddlers...and of course we had to bring his "kaaa" (aka: car). He loves riding it and pushing it himself but he's not very good at steering it :) ::
:: Here are some pictures from our adventure ::


Laura said...

ok, those are some seriously cute pictures and I know he looks a lot like Paul but I can see the McClelland in him in a few of those super smiley ones!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawna
Jacob is looking so big he is so cute. I can't believe he is already 1 yr old. I love his little car. Where did you get it?

Christy said...

You sure got a special one guys! What an amazing beautiful little boy....still can't believe he's one. Love you lots!

Michelle said...

Too cute!

Love the layout of the pics, really adds a little "something" to the blog.

Keep snapping.

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