:: Jacob's 1st Birthday ::

:: Our "little boy" is now a whole year old! Where does the time go???? Here he is on his actual birthday - June 1st :::: We celebrated his birthday with family & friends on June 3 @ our new place - it was a great excuse to get our place "done" in time for the 60 people we expected to see! ::
:: Here is the birthday boy (picture c/o Uncle Jordan) ::
:: Happy Ducky 1st Birthday! :::: Party goers enjoying a cold drink on a hot day :::: Aunty Dianne & G. G. :::: Our lower patio with Jacob's extended family - Jacob is clinging to Grampy's arm as he did most of the day :::: Uncle Trevor & Aunty Christy (not in this picture) came over from Duncan for the party - It was great to see you guys! :::: Once the party came to an end we had just our immediate family stay for a BBQ - this is when we let Jacob go at his cake :: :: I don't think he knew what to do with it when we put the supersized rubber duck in front of him :::: He did not want to destroy it, but Daddy and Uncle Jordan and the Grandpa's didn't seem to have a problem! :::: Once he was ready for bed we plunked him in the middle of his gifts...from the look on his face you can tell that he didn't know what to do with himself and all the gifts - we were all overwhelmed! :::: One last shot of our very little, yet very big and grown up boy! :::: Happy Birthday Jacob - we adore you and love what you have brought to our lives, you are truly our gift from the Lord ::


Amanda said...

I cannot believe that he is already a year old. Man does time ever flow by! It feels like not that long ago that I came to the hospital to meet him. Wow!!
It looks like you had a great party!

Canadian Kristin said...

What a sweetie-pie that Mr. Jacob is!!! ONE. WOW!

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