:: Baby Scare ::

:: Today was a bit unsettling for me (us); I had been having cramps last night in my abdomen and today while I was going about my day they came back and continued to get worse as the day progressed. Another thing that worried me is that I hadn’t felt the baby move all day. With all that has been going on in our lives I have truly been ignoring my pregnancy, I guess I am now feeling a little guilty as I poured so much into my pregnancy with Jacob. So when I didn’t feel the baby move, my worry along with the cramps increased. By 4:30 pm I called Paul and told him that I think I should go get checked out at the maternity ward at SMH. So we called our friends Matt & Lisa and they came out to take care of Jacob while we went to the hospital. We also called Mom & Dad to let them know what was happening as they were out with their friends Steve & Marilyn. ::

:: We were admitted to the maternity ward and they checked my vitals then checked on the baby via Doppler and everything checked out to be fine. The little one’s heart beat was 155 and mine was just perfect. I just have to say that I love the Doctors and Nurses at SMH – they didn’t discount any of the feelings/fears I was having but reassured me that no other signs other than my abdominal pain were pointing towards a miscarriage. I don’t think and nor did I think that I was having a miscarriage but maybe pre-term labour. So with that they gave me a couple Ibuprofen as they believe I may have a virus or flu bug. As I was heading out of the triage ward they said well hopefully we won’t see you until it’s really time and I couldn’t agree with them more! ::

:: So if you are reading this I ask that you pray for our wee little one and that everything is a-okay and that God (as we trust) has him/her in His palm and is forming him/her in His image. We thank you in advance for your prayers, they are coveted. ::

:: FYI: My cramps have considerably decreased and I have felt the baby move since we left the hospital ::

:: Here is a picture of what our baby looks like now (this is not really our baby) ::


Candice said...

Our prayers are with you... Second time around usually is different just because you are so busy with your first, and other stuff. Thankfully nothing is wrong and if I can make a prediction...I think GIRL !! Haven't seen you prego yet, so I will need that to confirm :)
Hope to see you guys soon!!

Amanda said...

Thank the Lord that everything is fine Shawna! I will continue to pray!! Blessings,

Lisa B said...

We told our prayer chain in Ontario (aka, MIL:FAYE!) and they are on it!

Love you guys ;-)

Canadian Kristin said...

Scary. Will hold you in extra prayers! Drink lots of water... dehydration can make cramps!!!

Michelle said...

Glad to hear everything is alright. When can we expect to see you're actual ultrasound photos?

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