:: Our newest toy ::

:: Okay -- Not OUR but HIS newest toy ::
:: Tonight we headed down to Bellingham to pick up a early Father's Day gift for Paul - This is what we got ::

:: Yes, he is spoiled...however we do need a lawn mower and I had put away too much money in our property tax account and it was just enough to cover the new mower (Praise the Lord!). We got a stellar deal on it through KMART - yeah, go figure they sell Craftsman (usually only sold by Sears), but their prices on Craftsman stuff were amazing in comparison to SEARS, weird huh!!??? But I'm not complaining! And to top it all off, we didn't even have to pay duty at the border - Praise the Lord (again)! ::

:: So here he is with his new toy ::

:: Happy Father's Day Babe ::


Mom Mac said...

Okay, look out neighbors! I can see the lawnmower stripes now....crosscrossed in a diagonal fashion....you go Paul!!

Nickie said...

It's funny what becomes "gifts" as we get older. Last year I got a freezer for my birthday... what is even sadder is that I asked for it and was super excited when we got it!

Shawna said...

Yeah, I know...I thought he was going to sleep with that thing last night - but I had a better offer for him ;)

Canadian Kristin said...

A man and his lawn mower...I don't get it...but then, I have my papers and stickers and stamps! ;-)

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