:: Opinions Please ::

:: Okay, I am in need of your opinion. I am in my SIL's wedding on September 8th and I will be a full eight months pregnant (such a beautiful sight, I know!). And I cannot get the dress the other BM's are wearing altered, it is just going to cost too much moola. So here are my options ::

:: This one is a two piece with a full length skirt - I will have to cut the skirt down to tea length to match the other girls and I would add spaghetti straps to ensure my bust stays perky and to also match the other girls dress'. This outfit would cost $170.00 prior to alterations. I prefer this one because it is a two piece and I'm afraid that if I wore a one piece dress I would look like a puffy sausage! :::: Second choice is made of the same material as the others dresses and I would have to also have it hemmed, however this one is only $120.00 ::

:: Any thoughts, opinions, experience would be much appreciated ::


Laura said...

Well, i like both options. I do know what you mean about one piece dresses making you look like a sausage because they just hang from the largest part of your belly and so for me i'd probably choose the two piece - i say the extra $ is worth it when it comes to feeling like you look good at eight months pregnant!!! if you want another option, a friend of mine had a bm dress made by a woman and it cost less than $100 to get it made, it fit fabulously and she made it without a pattern -don't know if you can find the same kind of fabric but it might be an option.
your place looks great too by the way, we enjoyed being able to see it and happy b-day to Jacob - he is such a doll!

Lisa B. said...

My vote is for number one! I think the fabric will be more flattering and the two piece option certainly is more comfortable and flattering from the waist down.

I'd spend the extra to feel like a hot mama! But I am the spending in our relationship and you are the saver *grin*

Amanda said...

I like both of them. But I think I have to agree with the two piece one being better. You could always have it taken i n at the sides so it doesn't 'flow' off the top of the belly and feel like a 'moo moo' because of the heavy material. I should see if I could get a picture of someone else I knew that was that far along as a bridesmaid.....I'll source a pic out and send it to you!

Shawna said...

Thanks for the opinions ladies! I would love to see any pictures of preggo (real) ladies from weddings...it's really not too fun to be in this situation! I love being in the weddings and feel honoured but I want to be hot and I don't know as I will be and that's frustrating!

Kori said...

I love them both!!
My sister in law was 8 mths prego at my wedding and wore a two piece dress/suite type outift (back in the 90's!) It was good because as the evening wore on, her belly got bigger (you know how that goes!) so she was still comfortable.

Canadian Kristin said...

Like them both....but love the first one on YOU best!!! Yes...straps to keep 8 months prego boobs perky: smart idea!!!

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