:: these feet... ::

:: are made for walking -- well today Jacob took his actual first steps from one side fo the family room to the other ::

:: If I were to guess I would say that he will be walking by Monday, we're excited but also a little wary as everyone says "you'll regret wanting him to walk" but I don't think we will (I know my back won't!). He is such a good little gaffer and obedient most of the time, plus he has been getting into stuff since he could crawl (at 7 months) so I really don't think it will change that much ::
:: But keep checking in on us to see the progress of our little {big} walking boy ::


Jennifer said...

Hey Shawna! My mom was telling me you had a blog but I have never had time to read it. I am avoiding cleaning so I thought I would have a look. Congratulations on the babies house etc. You have an adorable family!!
Ps I never regretted my kids walking I always thought it was one of the cutest times in their little lives!

Rachel said...

Once they crawl it's game over! Walking is really no different. Mobility is mobility :)

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