:: What would you buy with $120? ::

So here is my predicament; I won “The Pot” of $120 at our Happy Housewives event on Tuesday night. Now to most this wouldn’t be a predicament, but here are the rules:

You must spend 100% of the money on yourself…not your home, your children, your husband, your pet…YOU!!! You must share with the group what you did with your money the following month. If you win the draw, you will then host next months event.

Hosting the next event is not my problem – it’s spending all the moola on me and in the next month! Now you all must be thinking if I had a $120 to spend on me it would be gone in a second at the spa and lunch out with a friend…right and normally I would jump on the opportunity to do the same. But with this money I want to get the biggest bang out of my buck – so I am stuck, do I buy one big thing or a few small little things.

:: Shawna Factoid ::
You may not know me that well and that’s okay – but one thing about me is that I am cheap okay maybe frugal is a better term for me. I don’t often spend money on myself except if it is totally on sale or a really good price and typically these things are found down in the States. And often times you can find me handing something back to the cashier at the register. Now Paul is not that way at all – he says buy quality the first time and you will never have to replace it, true, I agree --- however that’s not fun for a girl who’s fashion, style and size (depending on post/pre/pregnant body) changes with the seasons!

So here is my predicament – what do I buy something “big” or a few small things?

Here are a few items I have in mind:

:: $100 @ Lululemon ::

:: $15 @ Target ::

:: $41 @ Mac Cosmetics ::
:: $17.50 @ Target ::
:: $20 @ Target ::

:: $20 @ Target ::

:: $16.09 @ Target ::

** A few other things I would like to invest in, a pedicure (or two if I got them done at the beauty school), stampin-up stuff/Michaels craft supplies, buying myself a Starbucks gift card for treats when I'm out running around and maybe even a cute trench coat (for Fall) to go with the boots :) **

P.S. I asked the group if I could spend it on a double stroller as that would be a luxury item to me – but they voted no as they said I would probably buy one anyway!

Any suggestions or thoughts as to what you might buy with the money if you had it would be greatly appreciated!


Jessi said...

Why not check out Craig's List to really get the most bang for your buck!

Shawna said...

What would I buy on there that would be just for me????

All I think of with craigslist is cars/mowers/baby stuff etc.

Amanda said...

If I were YOU, I would buy the $100 Lulemon capris because they are something that you wouldn't just go out and buy. They are SO comfy and you could wear them under the belly thru your pregnancy and then they will be great for afterwards. That is my opinion.....as you said, you can get the 'deals' whenever.....go BIG girl!
I think that is fabulous that you get to do this for yourself on the other girls!! Fun times!!

Kori said...

only one solution... a day trip to Target!!
You can buy stuff for you AND buy lunch!!

Lisa B. said...

I agree with Amanda...GO BIG!

No offense, I say it with love and you will agree....but we all know you're a cheapo. Getting deals at "Target" are pretty typical Shawna and something that you would make happen if you really wanted it.

You wouldn't just go out and buy new Lulu's.....

Christy said...

I may be a little biased because I am so not a shoe person but go for the lulu's!!!!

Canadian Kristin said...

Definitely the Lulu's!!!!! That's a real treat, if you ask me!!!

Charlene Witt said...

I say Lulu's too...that's on the top of my list when I "win"

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