:: Cute boy shoes are so hard to find! ::
:: Tonight we headed down south to do our typical fill up and dairy load up - My parents had found a super cute pair of thongs (with an elastic back) for Jacob to wear over the summer, however his little feet were just too pudgy for them. I, the horrible Mom I am stuffed his feet in them for a 15 minute car ride and by the end of the ride he had impressions on his feet from the darling little thongs! That just won't do, but they were too darn cute...I don't want to be putting socks and runners on my kid all summer! ::
:: So tonight while we were at Walmart we found these - the typical "crocks" for just $5 - I'm just hoping he'll actually be able to walk in them! ::
:: Then we found these to replace the uber cute thongs - these are not half the shoe the thongs were but why waste the thongs just because they are cute!?!?? So these will have to do, he loved them and his foot fit really well in them. Not as fashionable but they will do! ::

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Jennifer said...

Georgia has the little crocs and she can walk in them just fine. A couple times one has slipped off a bit while she was running but overall very functional!

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