:: Baby No. 2 - First Photo ::
:: Here is our ultrasound (well actually our second) of baby no. 2 - there are definitely some similarities with Jacob, but "she" (as Paul says) seems to have smaller less defined attributes ::
:: Here is the ulstrasound - sorry it's such bad quality, my scanner won't work for me! :: :: Now here is Jacob's ultrasound picture - his was taken 4 weeks earlier ::
:: Now here is the two beside eachother for comparison - Jacob's is on top ::
:: Any guesses to the sex are welcome..if you send me your guess I will put it in our guesses file :) ::


Amanda said...

I will guess a girl. I have no clue, but I am sure it would be fun to have one of each! Baby #2 looks nice and healthy!!

Canadian Kristin said...

Well it's a good thing that Jacob is so darn adorabley cute...cause his sib looks pretty identical!!! :-) I'm a bad guess-er...so I'll wait til you are almost due! ;-)

Kori said...

I am with Kris, looks like these siblings will look alike!
I'd have to say boy, but would like to change my mind at least 3 more times :)

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