:: Trains Trains Trains ::

:: On Saturday morning we headed out to South Surrey to Art Knapps to visit the trains, plants & birds - Jacob had a great time running {or pretending to} about and seeing what new thing was around each corner! Paul on the other hand had a great time dreaming of the day he too could have a train set up in our home. We had a great time adventurizing around! :: :: Later on that day our neighbour dropped by and brought Paul a box full of model {still working} trains! Most of them are in the original boxes and in super good shape...such a blessing & what a day to recieve such a blessing. Just too perfect! ::


Christy said...

Hey Sis,
Just Love Love Love this little collage! So beautiful and I can't believe how much you are starting to show! Thanks for updating, I always enjoy it!

Candice said...

aaahhh...trains are a boy's best friend, no matter what age. How coincidental is that for your neighbor to give Paul trains on the same day that he was drooling all over them :) I've heard about this Art Knapp..I'm gonna have to bring my boys some day...thanks for the idea !!

Lisa B. said...

Trains...such a foreign word in our house!! Haa haa

Looks like you guys had a fabulous time...nice to have a few more memories documented before bebe #2 arrives.

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