:: Product I Love ::

:: I know, I know, I haven't been around here much; but what do you expect I have a 2 week old and a 17 month old?!?!? I actually would have been on here more often (just to take a break from my everyday stuff) but I am borrowing my parents camera and while I am I have to go to their place to download the pictures and then send them to myself....so it's not that I'm not documenting our lives on "film" but it's just not handy to download the pictures and thus I have not blogged - who wants to read my blog without pictures to go along??? ::
:: Anyway - I do have pictures to post but I will do that later tonight, right now I want to tell you about a product I LOVE ::

:: As much as I don't like cleaning, I love having a clean house. Well this product makes the whole experience of cleaning that much better. Now, I grew up in a house in which Pine-Sol was used for cleaning floors, washrooms etc. and as I have grown up and am now responsible for my own house I too have adapted using Pine-Sol however I have changed the tradition slightly...I use the Pine-Sol brand but it's Lavender scented. And I LOVE it! It smells similar to the smell of the spa, lavender mixed with eucalyptus and it is heavenly...Paul says it's strong, well yes it is, but it's also a cleaner and a very strong one at that ::

:: So there is my product review - go out and try it. I found mine at Zellers (truth be known, my mom found it for me a Zellers), every time I looked for it at the grocery store or Wal-mart I found an empty shelf. So I'm obviously not the only one that has come to love this new traditional cleaner :) ::

:: It's the purple one in the middle ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Now does it come with a handy little gal who will apply it to my kitchen and bathrooms?!?!?! ;-)

Jennifer said...

I used to use bleach on everything until a couple months ago when I got a sample of pinesol. Now I too use it on everything and I love the strong smell, it shows a job well done! I'll have to have a look for the purple...

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