:: So the other day...::

:: It was Jacob's nap time and so I take him up to his room and give him his sippy cup, tuck him in and proceed to go downstairs to feed Cole ::
:: I heard Jacob cry for a little while and then it stopped so I figured he had fallen asleep - this is what I found when I went to check on him ::
:: This is a strange angle but the door is to the right of the picture, I actually couldn't fit through the door as he was right up against it so these pictures were taken with my hand reaching behind the door -- too funny! ::

:: This is the mess he made of his nicely folded laundry that was on top of his dresser ::

:: As you can see his face was also snuggled right into his clean laundry, like father like son, both of them love the smell of fresh laundry! ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Ah yes, the monkey business of toddlers!

Amanda said...

That is too funny! I looks like he was having a good cry into the clean laundry and had no energy to lift his little head!

Jennifer said...

That is so cutee!! I have a few of those pictures of Lunden too. He loves getting changed and one time he was sleeping behind the door stuck, half in, and half out, of a t-shirt!

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