:: Coupon Clipper ::

:: I am a 'Coupon Clipper' in a way...I do look through flyers and compare prices, because at my current SAHM stage (stay at home Mom) I currently don't have the luxury of just buying willy-nilly ::
:: So you can imagine my delight when we were at the movies the other night and Lisa and I were getting snacks when the girl behind the till handed Lisa a 2 for 1 coupon to another movie on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday before the end of March....and you can also imagine my disappointment when (since I was sharing a snack deal with Lisa and she was paying and I gave her cash for my portion) that I didn't receive a 2 for 1 coupon ::
:: How you say did I come across such coupon featured in this picture? I asked. God told the girl, give her a coupon....she deserves such break. Fabulous, thanks God. I appreciate it SO much! ::


Jessi said...

That's great, we're always looking for deals too and especially when it comes to seeing movies...we are total coke drinkers and tend to buy a bunch when the 12 packs contain BOGO free movie tickets! Such a score...so have you decided what movie you're going to next???

Rachel said...

I love saving a dollar or two myself! Never hurts to ask :)

Theresa said...

As a fellow current SAHM, I totally get your passion for coupons. I have discovered this newfound joy in scouring through all the flyers for good deals. What a rush to save money! Simple things make us happy, it's all good :)

Cheri said...

Good for people to know.

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